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Managed Services and I.T. Services

With today's ever-changing technology, organizations must rely on having a solid and reliable IT infrastructure and the Tech Support to go with it to stay competitive. But most small and medium-sized businesses can't justify the expenses involved in employing full-time IT support professionals. That's where we come in. Twin-Tel can provide your business with a full team of IT Support Experts with experience and skills across all types of technologies and applications who are ready to respond - all at a price you can afford.

Twin-Tel's IT Support Services include:

  • Hardware setup and installation
  • Network design and configuration
  • Software training and support
  • Expert tech support
  • Cloud Based Services

It's not enough anymore for one in-house person to support the computers, hardware, networks, and infrastructure required for running a small business. Today's ever-changing technology provides too many challenges for small businesses to deal with tech support in-house.

Twin-Tel's business IT support services provide the tech support and experience you need to keep your business functioning. In most instances, our skilled professionals can work with you over the phone and Internet to answer questions, assess problems, and remotely diagnose your system to resolve any issues. If not, we're local, so we'll send a technician to your location to get your business running smoothly again.

Twin-Tel Managed Services Software (TTMS)
Twin-Tel provides complete control and visibility into your network with our Twin-Tel Managed Services Software (TTMS). It helps you pro-actively monitor your network via snmp and receive alerts or log a ticket when a problem is detected before things get worse. To monitor the network devices, The monitoring software would reside on you local network. The agent periodically polls the snmp devices and updates the data to the Central server via a secure HTTPS connection.
Network Monitoring features can include

Router & WAN Monitoring

Why is WAN Monitoring important?
WAN links are usually the most expensive part of the network, and managing bandwidth allocation can be complex. Oversubscribing to bandwidth could mean that the company is paying for more bandwidth than required, and undersubscribing could result in congestion and unacceptable network performance. WAN Monitoring and Router Monitoring thus become very critical. Network managers need to optimize the quality of service by balancing throughput, committed information rate (CIR) and burst rate with congestion, response time, and discards.

Ensure High Network Availability - Monitor WAN Links Proactively
TTMS automatically send alerts when a link is unreachable. Reporting functionality also provides you with a detailed availability report of the Routers. You can use these reports to ensure that your carriers' SLAs are being met.

Resolve WAN Problems Quickly - Monitor Router Performance
Optimal router performance is critical for superior WAN performance. When your network experiences congestion, TTMS helps you quickly resolve problems by providing visibility into critical router performance variables like

  • CPU Utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • Errors and Discards
  • Voltage, Temperature etc
  • Buffer statistics (Hits, misses and failures) Also using MSP Center Plus's custom SNMP monitors, you can monitor several critical performance metrics provided by your router vendor


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