Contact Center As A Service

The communication experiences your customer is waiting for.
With a CCaaS solution you provide each customer a more unique experience. If the goal of cloud technologies is to improve your customer experience, improve your revenues and provide better services at a lower cost, CCaaS may just be the perfect technology to achieve that goal.

With CCaaS you now have insights like never before. Your organization now sees contact history from every silo, including calls, IVR’s, SMS interactions, chat, chat bots and email communication from every past interaction to their most recent interest.  Creating less friction, a greatly improved customer journey and vastly improved communications that changes outcomes for the better.

Key Benefits to Expect with UCaaS

Cost Benefits – Greatly Reduces IT Capex with less hardware, reduced energy and improved overall performance

Employee Flexibility – Supports large contact center and remote work to support every business design

Improved Security – All communications are encrypted and secure, so you can feel confident your representatives – even those working remotely- aren’t creating vulnerabilities.

Analytics and Reporting – Employee, Client Speech, Text Analytics, Customer Journey insights with intelligent action and response

Workforce engagement – From predicative routing, speeding up agent training, gamification tools and real time metrics and cross team engagement tools.

Integrations – With CRM’S, Multi Cloud needs, Finance, Legal and dozens of others

Scalability – Will continue to evolve with new features and functionality such as Smart, Ai, IoT, Security

Business Continuity – built in network redundancy

Our goals for our CCaaS customers are clear. Design and implement a best-in-class solution that eliminates any current problems while we greatly improve the customer experience across your company’s cloud ecosystem into the future.