Auditing Management

The sheer complexity of today’s modern enterprise means you often have multiple technologies from a host of vendors. This also means that keeping up with your billing from checking that your costs are correct as defined by your contract at each location, individual circuit cost, taxes and so on becomes nearly impossible for many companies.

We can assist you with a comprehensive and non-intrusive auditing of your telecom and mobile services. Our auditing process is highly detailed and provides management with a real expense benefit. On one project alone, we saved a client $220,000 per month.

Savings and Future Needs

We have performed numerous audits across a wide range of customer types. Our recommendations are based on best practices and our solutions are based on actual experience.

Beyond the audit and savings, is our commitment to make recommendations that optimize your telecom and data services for years to come.

Audits – Real Tangible Benefits

  • Cost Reductions – Our Deep Dive Analysis of your billings produces an average savings of 20% for our customers
  • Bill Management – We keep your billing accurate by our ongoing billing review practice. We look for errors, resolve the error and prevent errors
  • Expense Insight – With accurate billing you can accurately allocate cost across locations and departments

Our goals for our Audit customers are clear. Review your current billing and implement a solution to solve any existing billing issues while we provide recommendations and a disciplined ongoing bill management process.