Contract Negotiation Services

Jett Enterprises has vast experience in the area of telecom contract negotiation.  Negotiating for the most favorable contract terms on your behalf, Jett treats every customers contract negotiation engagement like it’s their own.

We have represented some of the America’s most demanding companies in successful contract negotiations for renewals, additional services and new term agreements. We would love to do the same for your company.

By leveraging our contract management service, you can see many benefits for your company.

Tangible Benefits of Using Our Contract Negotiation Services

  • Rates and Term Length – We will negotiate for the most favorable rates and term limits for your existing and new contracts. While making sure you are not exposed to price increases going forward
  • SLA’S – We demand the highest Service Level Agreements. Strong service availability, defect rates, technical quality, security measures and more in all our SLA’s gives you peace of mind throughout the contract term
  • Flexible Terms – We work to secure you flexible terms, so you can make modifications without penalty
  • Review Current Contract – We will renegotiate unfavorable terms to limit your risk and exposure going forward
  • Addendums and more – We make sure you have the best addendums, that give you maximum leverage

Our goal for our contract negotiations are clear. Review your existing contracts and all new contracts so our customers have the most favorable terms across all our key contract metrics.

According to Gartner Research, “Since 2012, overall network service prices in the developed world have declined by 5% to 20% annually, depending on the specific service and geography, but enterprises often fail to achieve the full potential savings.”
Network Service Price Trends: What You Need to Know to Save Money on Your Next Contract Negotiation By Neil Rickard et al., Published October 2018