Remote and Work from Home Solutions

Establishing a work from home program can provide with an attractive option to some employees and it can serve as a means for continuity during a disaster. Home office workers need to stay connected. A UCaaS solution that includes everything for the employee to do their work.

At Jett, we have supported hundreds of clients to design and implement best in class remote and home office solutions. Our recommendations are based on best practices and our solutions are created using our actual experience.

Home Office Solutions Include: UCaaS and collaboration tools to improve ability to work from anywhere include video, chat, email and voice services.

Conferencing Desktop as a Service for on-premise employees who now need to be remote, but feel like they are in the office

VPN Services – Allow for secure transmission of all your business communications

Contact Center as a Service Maintain customer experience level. Virtually manage all customer service functions with comprehensive analytics and customer feedback ratings ensure optimal business needs are met outside of office.

Remote – Public Space

  • Improved file management and security to help limit risk and exposure for remote employees accessing confidential information.
  • Mobile Device Management Ensure mobile devices are secured and that critical business apps are containerized for great segmentation.

At Jett, we design our remote and home office with one goal in mind. The solution will be designed to solve any existing problems while we greatly improve the performance across your company’s remote worker ecosystem.

According to Gartner “Remote work is fast becoming a fixture of the digital work environment. While Census data shows that only 5% of employed U.S. adults worked primarily from home last year, a growing segment of the workforce is spending at least part of their workweek at home. A recent survey of full-time U.S. workers by Owl Labs found that 62% worked remotely at least some of the time; nearly half of those who work remotely said they did so at least once a week, and 30% said they were full-time remote workers.2 This phenomenon isn’t limited to the U.S., either: a study last year by the Switzerland-based serviced office provider IWG found that 70% of professionals around the world were working remotely at least one day a week.”
Gartner, ‘How to Prepare for the Rise in Demand for Remote Work’, Human Resource Research Team, October 28, 2019