Conferencing & Mobility


Today’s ubiquitous work force and customers require your business to have the tools to connect everyone. We offer a complete suite of voice and video conferencing services from the best providers. Our cloud-based conferencing solutions ensure your company will have ability to connect and collaborate from anywhere.

We look for ways to reduce your cost while improving your service levels (SLA’s) whether the conference is from your desktop or your mobile devices.

We have done numerous voice and video Conference projects across a wide range of customer types. Our recommendations are based on best practice recommendations and our solutions are based on based on actual experience.

Conferencing Services – Real Tangible Benefits

  • Real Savings – Many expensive trips can be eliminated and instead the meeting can occur over a secure audio/video conferencing platform
  • Improved Communications – With today’s mobile workforces meeting and collaborating while on the go makes conference and video calling the perfect platform
  • Ease of Use – You have several service levels you can choose from to make your audio or video calls easy to set up and easy for your participants while giving you full control and security

Our goal for our Voice and Unified Communication customers are clear. Design and implement a solution that will solve any existing problems and greatly improve the performance of your existing conferences.


Today’s agile businesses demand instant communication with employees, vendors and customers. A properly designed mobile strategy for your business can make your business operations faster, smoother and positively impact your company’s success. As part of our service we also provide a deep dive mobile bill audit to ensure we can optimize your mobile plan and uncover any potential over charges, policy compliance and abuse

At Jett, we have done multiple mobile solutions covering a wide range of use cases. Our recommendations are based on best practices recommendations and our solutions are based on actual experience.

  • Productivity – Higher efficiency and more productive staff
  • Accept payments wirelessly
  • Access to your apps away from the office and laptop
  • Improved customer service- calls can be routed to your phone
  • Email – Allows for instant access to your companies email system keeping your employees communication fast and reliable

Our goals for our mobile customers are clear. Design and implement a solution to solve any existing problems while we greatly improve the performance across your company’s mobility strategy into the future.

According to Gartner “Mobility has assumed heightened importance as businesses globally deal with the impact of COVID-19 on their operations. Gartner’s 2Q20 forecast was for enterprise mobile services to grow at a compound annual rate of 3.1% in the six years ending 2024.1 That year, it will account for more than 54% of all enterprise communications end-user spending.”
Gartner, ‘Market Guide for Global Enterprise Mobile Services’, Pablo Arriandiaga, Bill Menezes, Katja Ruud, et al., August 25, 2020