Project Management

Let Our Experts Manage It

Telecom and Data Migrations are increasingly complex. Project failure is not an option. It’s why we have assembled a team of experienced, industry tested Project Managers to walk each project through to completion. Each step of the project is laid out in advance with critical milestones and then executed with our diligent oversight.

Our Project Managers have the experience with managing our providers and Our customers know they can count us to design and execute each project as though it was our own.

At Jett, we have managed numerous Projects covering a wide range of methodologies. Our recommendations are based on best practices and our solutions are created using our actual experience.

Project Management – Real Tangible Benefits

  • Single Point of Contact – Our Project Managers will not let any detail slip thus ensuring critical dates, common obstacles or service changes are accounted for by the provider as each location is turned up without any blame shifting
  • Cost Savings – You can greatly reduce the hours required for oversight as we will be your company’s liaison. We are an extension of your staff in many respects and act will act in a fiduciary fashion on your behalf throughout the project and going forward
  • Life Cycle Approach – Once a project has come to a successful conclusion, we are just getting started. We provide ongoing Lifecycle Account Support as services are adjusted, billing, support and the planning for the next project begins

Our goals for our Project Management customers are clear. Design and implement a solution to solve any existing problems while we greatly improve the performance across your company’s network ecosystem into the future.