Network and Cyber Security Solutions

The complexity of today’s modern IT network is seen as an opportunity for cybercriminals. With the emergence of the mobile workforces, IoT, desktops, servers combined with on-premise and connected to cloud-based networks, organizations today are faced with an assortment of security endpoints and threats.

From DDoS attacks, phishing attacks, network intrusions, malware, and ransomware attacks across all of your organization’s platforms you need a strong multi-layer security plan.

According to the internet security firm Symantec, in 2018 alone, there were nearly 1,000,000 million new malware attacks per day, totaling over 317,000,000 per year alone.

At Jett, we take a project management approach to every security client we support. As part of our discovery process, we will work closely with your Security, IT and Business leaders to understand your current environment and plan for your future requirements.

We then will design a best in class solution, research-backed best in class solution you can deploy with confidence.

Benefits of a (Managed) Security Solution

  • Security Experts – Expertise to assess and respond to the most advanced security threats, ensure you are meeting any compliance requirements and implement any new system requirements.
  • Reduce Cost – Lower salary, CapEx, recruitment and training cost allowing you to focus on driving your business. The foundational security process will be automated resulting in lower cost as well.
  • Oversight – A layered security system to provide a 365 view and continuous surveillance of all of your network and devices. Allowing us to provide you with detailed threat assessment, vulnerability analysis and a single screen viewpoint from any location.

Our goals for our Security customers are clear. Design and Implement a Security Solution to solve any current issues and greatly improve your Network and Cyber Security for the future.

By 2020, 100% of large enterprises will be asked to report to their boards of directors on cybersecurity and technology risk at least annually, which is an increase from today’s 40%.
By 2020, 30% of organizations targeted by major cyberattacks will spend more than two months cleansing backup systems and data, resulting in delayed recoveries.

“According to Gartner Inc. “Organizations realize that more cyberattacks can be expected in the future, and that they will grow in scale and sophistication. However, they rarely know that their IT environments have been breached until it’s too late. According to a report from FireEye, the median global dwell time is 184 days for external attacks and 50.5 days for internal attacks. At that point, an organization could have much of its IT infrastructure infected with malware, be subject to ransom demands for its data or other such destructive attacks that result in compromised or lost data.”
“By 2020, 30% of organizations targeted by major cyberattacks will spend more than two months cleansing backup systems and data, resulting in delayed recoveries.”
Gartner, ‘How to Prepare and Respond to Business Disruptions After Aggressive Cyberattacks’, Roberta Witty, Michael Hoeck, , David Gregory February 15, 2021